New Software Modules for Type 2270 Sound Level Meter

2 Channel Option and Low Frequency Option

2 Channel Option for Type 2270 - BZ-7229

Adds an extra measurement channel to Hand-held analyzer Type 2270 for these software modules: Sound Level Meter BZ-7222, Frequency Analysis BZ-7223, Logging BZ-7224, Enhanced Logging BZ-7225 and Building Acoustics Software BZ-7228. This two-channel option is also compatible with Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 and Low Frequency Option BZ-7234.

The two channels can have inputs from the same type of transducer (e.g. two microphones) or different transducers (e.g. one microphone and one accelerometer). With BZ-7229, the Type 2270 sound level meter can measure environmental noise and vibration on two separate channels or take a simultaneous and synchronous measuerement of both acoustic and vibration signals. It can also enhance BZ-7228 allowing for two channels of building acoustic measurements. Each channel features independent channel and transducer set-up options with a full suite of 2 channel templates as well as simultaneous display of results.

Low Frequency Option - BZ-7234

An optional application module for sound level meter Types 2250 and 2270 that enables low frequency functionality in the application modules Sound Level Meter BZ-7222, Frequency Analysis BZ-7223, Logging BZ-7224 and Enhanced Logging BZ-7225.
The low frequency option enables infrasound and building vibration measurements to be performed according to the most important international standards, as long as appropriate transducers are selected. BZ-7234 features a full suite of infrasound G-weighting parameters and a building vibration parameters